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Career Options In The Jewelry Industry

If you have ever considered working in the jewel industry, this article will definitely help you reach that dream.

A gemstone appraiser is one out of the five career choices in the jewel industry that will be discussed in this article.

A gemstone appraiser is required to know a lot about a jewelry and can tell the value of a certain necklace in just one glance.

A distinguished gemstone appraiser must be able to differentiate and describe pieces or stones and assess their values.

By telling how much a piece of jewelry is worth using a particular formula, it is easy for the jewelry to be sold or for may be used for insurance.

Reports indicate that in 2018, a gem appraiser is worth more than $55,000.00

If being a gemstone appraiser is not your thing, you might want to learn a lot more about a gemstone manufacturer and consider being one.

In this article you will find out that a gemstone manufacturer is paid a little over $40,000.00 in 2018.

Gemstone manufacturers are praised by many in the jewelry industry since they are able to create a gorgeous piece of jewelry out of a dirty gemstone.

If you are someone who enjoys both jewelry and travel, you would love to get to know more about a wholesale gemstone purchaser which will be discussed in this article.

A wholesale gemstone purchaser’s work is to search the globe for beautiful stones, import them and offer it to the market.

Combining traveling and jewelry is tempting in itself but being paid around $53,000.00 to do the job is certainly an out of this world opportunity.

You might also want to consider becoming a gemstone salesperson or a store manager.

A gemstone salesperson or a store manager is tasked to sell the jewelry to the clients, he must be effective in talking to them in order to convince them to purchase the jewelry, he must make sure that the jewelry chosen must fit the client.

In 2018, a jewelry sales representative is worth more than $42,000.00, while a jewelry store manager is worth more than $47,000.00.

Becoming a gemologist is a good idea for those who are good in analyzing, certifying and describing gemstones.

There are three types of gemologists, the auction gemologist, the lab gemologist, and the retail gemologist.

A retail gemologist can be found in a distinguished jewelry store and is able to repair your broken jewelry, he also makes assessments of various gemstones and examines whether a jewelry is a fake or is authentic.

A lab gemologist examines and investigates gemstones with the use of microscope and laboratory equipment.

Handling of jewelry and having them ready to its future owners during auctions is the job of an auction gemologist.

This article will help you become one of the mentioned career choices in the jewelry industry.